24:14 Missions

Letter from Claude

A New Vision for Trinity Missions

Dear Trinity Member,

It is such a privilege to finally reveal to you our new approach to missions. This is a ministry of our church around which each and every member can rally —from the youngest to the oldest! After many months of tireless effort by Trinity leaders, the end result is a bright, fresh vision for our future involvement in reaching the world for Christ.

2020 brings with it a myriad of ways in which each member of Trinity Church can engage in reaching the world for Jesus. The truth is: HE will see to it that the Name of Jesus and His Kingdom will be preached to all nations! The question is: Will you be a part of that?

And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. MATTHEW 24:14

Remember that reference: 24:14. It will set the stage for everything we do in missions. It is the next building block of missions at Trinity—a church with a rich history in missions-mindedness.

We are very excited to share this vision with you! In fact, we feel that it is so important, instead of a traditional “Missions Conference,” we are devoting the entire month of February to missions!

Each Sunday morning in February, we will spend time in God’s Word, getting God’s vision for the world. We will also hear from special guests—Trinity members who have responded to God’s call to go to the missions field. How wonderful it will be if each and every member will commit to “one hundred percent” Sunday morning worship participation in February!

Also, on Wednesday, February 19, we are having an All Church Dinner and Vision Presentation. At this dinner, you will hear specifically how we believe God is calling Trinity to participate in His mission to reach the nations. You will be receiving an invitation to this event, and I sincerely hope you will join us.

Lastly, on Saturday, February 22, we will have a Service Day in the city of Montgomery. Teams will be sent out, all across Montgomery, to participate in service projects. We are simply asking God to love this city through us. Look for information in this issue on how you can sign up.

While we are all well-aware that King Jesus has commissioned us all to go and make disciples, it is important to realize: He will not fail in His mission! Will you and I join Him in making it a reality? Will we enjoy the pleasure of seeing His elect in our neighborhoods and the nations come to trust Him for eternal life?

We have no doubt whatsoever that God has called our church to play a specific role in His mission; and, over the course of the month of February, we look forward to sharing this fresh vision with you.

One more time: (1) Lord’s Day Morning Worship; (2) All Church Dinner on February 19; and, (3) Service Day on February 22.

‘Til all have heard,

Claude E. McRoberts, III
Senior Minister

Worship – Missions Emphasis

February 2
The Nations Promised
Sermon by Claude McRoberts
Morning Missionary Guest Speaker: Lynn Henry
Evening Missionary Guest Speakers: Anna and Jim Rodgers

February 9
The Nations Loved
Sermon by Claude McRoberts
Morning Missionary Guest Speakers: Pam and Oliver McLemore
Evening Missionary Guest Speaker: Marty Baas

February 16
The Nations Evangelized
Sermon by Matthew Ellison, President, Sixteen Fifteen Missions Coaching
Morning Missionary Guest Speakers:  Jennifer and David Welsh
Evening Missionary Guest Speakers: Carol and Bill Jackson

February 23
The Nations Saved
Sermon by Patrick Curles
Morning Missionary Guest Speakers: Kate and Nono Beale

All Church Dinner and 24:14 Vision Launch

All Church Dinner and 24:14 Vision Launch
Wednesday, February 19, 2020
Trinity Hall • 5:30 PM

At this dinner, you will hear specifically how we believe God is calling Trinity to participate in His mission to reach the nations. You will be receiving an invitation to this event, and we sincerely hope you will join us.

Service Day

Join us for Service Day on Saturday, February 22, as we send service teams all around Montgomery to “love our city.”

We will begin at Trinity Presbyterian Church, at 8:00 a.m., and meet back at the church for a late lunch—maybe a surprise food truck! Service opportunities will include:

M.A.N.E. (Montgomery Area Non-Traditional Equestrians)
Volunteers are needed to assist with grounds/site maintenance and other needs.

Family Promise Day Center
Volunteers are needed to perform maintenance work such as cleaning gutters, painting, and small repairs.

Mercy House – Washington Park
Volunteers are needed to sort various donations in the warehouse.

Montgomery Public Schools
Volunteers are needed to perform light maintenance work, small repairs, grounds maintenance and other needs.

Montgomery Beautification Project
Volunteers are needed to help improve and beautify the Garden District and Cloverdale area.

Missionary Care Packages
Volunteers are needed to donate care package items, write notes of encouragement, record video messages, and pack “Gift Boxes of Love” for our foreign missionaries.