24:14 Missions Weekly Update

24:14 Missions Weekly Update

  • Breakfast with a Missionary • May 31 at 7:00 a.m. • Join us as we speak with Dan Faber of IXO Global on Tuesday, May 31 at 7:00 a.m.

    • To join us, log into Zoom.us with Meeting ID: 360 096 4220 and Passcode: 85651728SH.
  • Pray for the Isaiah 55 Mission Trip to Reynosa, Mexico on July 18-22, 2022. To be added to the prayer team, please contact Julie Lash at jlash@trinitypca.org. 
  • Local Mission Opportunity at First Choice — First Choice is starting their summer semester of Certified Dad Lunches on Tuesday, May 17th. This program includes is a weekly session JUST FOR DADS and meets every Tuesday at lunchtime. Discussions are led BY men, FOR men, and will cover a variety of fatherhood topics.
  • First Choice is looking for volunteers to provide lunch for one of these meetings. If you are interested in providing lunch, please click here for more information. 

Missionary of the Week

Dan and Dale Faber (IXO Global)

Missionary of the Week

Dan and Dale Faber (IXO Global)

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Dale as she recovers from pacemaker surgery this week.

  • Pray for the new missionaries and organizations that IXO brought on last Fall. Three will serve in Kuala Lumpur.

  • Pray for IXO’s leadership team and Board as they interview and process many new missionaries and national pastors for their overseas ministries.

  • Pray for Moore and Ruth as they try to return to Asia this year. Moore has been on an arrest list in Asia since Covid began. Pray that Moore’s Daily online training of seminary students will not be interrupted.

  • Pray for the Farsi speaking churches in Europe that Manochehr (located in Greece) ministers to. He has been under a great deal of financial pressure during Covid due to government shutdowns and European banks blocking fund transfers from people with Iranian names.

  • Pray for Dan as he will need to manage an increased level of work when Will Joseph goes to New Zealand to minister. Dan is also the caregiver for his brother in Atlanta who is in a nursing home.



Dan Faber is the Founder and President of International Xchange Organization, IXO. He and his wife Dale, a daughter of Trinity, started IXO in 1996 in order to address a need for evangelism and pastor training in China.

-IXO now has twenty-five years of experience in faith-based innovation, mission entrepreneurship and non-profit care and management.

– IXO leads seven of her own subsidiary missions and provides care for over a dozen smaller mission agencies.

– They give national pastors and non-profit Christian leaders the support, freedom, trust, counsel and encouragement for them to bring their unique ministry vision to life.

– Recently Dan and Dale moved to North Carolina in order to host missionaries with the IXO ministry REST & RENEWAL MINISTRY.

– Please read a few of the short ministry stories found on their IXO website: IXOglobal.org

– The Fabers appreciate Trinity’s faithful support and prayers. When you invest in their ministry, you are making it possible for them to serve and care for over sixty-five missionaries and national pastors.