24:14 Missions Weekly Update

24:14 Missions Weekly Update

Breakfast with a Missionary • Join us as we speak with Agryris and Dina Petrou on Tuesday, October 4 at 7:00 a.m.

    • Visit Zoom.us and enter the following information:

       Zoom Meeting ID: 360 096 4220 Passcode: 85651728SH 

    • You can also join us in the John Knox Room. Breakfast is provided!


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Missionary of the Week

Argyris and Dina Petrou - Greek Bible College/Damaris House (Greece)

Missionary of the Week

Argyris and Dina Petrou – Greek Bible College/Damaris House (Greece)

Prayer Requests 

  • Pray for F. at Damaris House and that God grants her peace and takes away all her worries.


  • Pray that the women at Damaris House as they work on their residency papers and that any issues will be fixed quickly.


  • Pray that the women will have access to medical exams using their health insurance numbers.


  • Pray for the 11 women and 10 babies that are currently in the Transitional Housing Program at Damaris House and working towards independence. Also pray for one woman who is pregnant and anxious about the upcoming birth of her baby.


  • Pray for the recovery classes held daily for the women and that they will be reached by the word of God despite language barriers. The classes are held in 4 languages: English, Greek, French and Farsi.



Argyris has many years of experience in teaching, evangelism, and publishing. He currently serves as a professor at the Greek Bible College, teaches on YouTube, and is a published author. Dina serves as the Director of Damaris House, a ministry providing safe housing and recovery to survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation. This ministry empowers women to find freedom, walk through their journey of healing, and reintegrate into society.