Missionary of the Week

Rujak Bible Translation Project

Prayer Requests:

– Pray for the ongoing Bible translation work to be faithful to the original scriptures while also clearly understood by the Rujak population.

– Pray for the work of the Holy Spirit to penetrate the hearts of the 12 unbelieving Rujak translation assistants. John’s goal is to see them come to faith by the end of this year and, in turn, lead others to Christ.

– Pray for the health of this lead translation family with three children as the COVID pandemic numbers rise in their location.

– Pray for the long term goal of establishing a self-sustaining church of Rujak national believers that will in turn reproduce other churches.


In 2017, Trinity Church began a five year commitment to support a Bible translation effort for the Rujak people who are an unreached Asian population with no known Jesus followers or churches among the 500,000 people who live there.  Initial efforts have been focused on establishing a written language for this people group by associating sounds with letters, creating written words and identifying normal sentence structures. This tedious process is being accomplished by John and Erin who are a single family living among this population.  They have gained sufficient Rujak language fluency so that, with help from local people, they are gradually translating portions of the Bible.  They also rely on linguistic experts through technology from other locations to ensure good Bible translation practices.  Their goal is for the gospel to be received first by the local translation assistants none of whom are yet followers of Jesus.  Their long term project goal is to see an indigenous, self-sustaining church and then a group of churches established that will bring a gospel witness to the larger culture and, in turn, evangelize other related people groups with similar languages.