Missionary of the Week

Birmingham Theological Seminary (Birmingham, Alabama)

Prayer Requests:

– Pray that the BTS faculty will be able to return to Bibb Correctional Facility to resume full in person graduate education. Currently, they can only communicate through telephone because of COVID restrictions.
– Pray for Christ Behind the Walls, the PCA mission church started by BTS students inside the prison that now has over 300 inmates attending weekly, to continue to preach the gospel and see men come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as Lord.

– Pray for Jumpstart AL attendees, both inside Bibb Correctional and outside in their living space at Brent Presbyterian church to continue to walk in Christ, love His word, and show the disciplines of the Spirit.

– Pray for Dr. Thad James (BTS/PCA TE) and Rev. Mitch Haubert (BTS/Jumpstart AL/PCA TE) as they lead spiritually and strategically in these two programs.


Birmingham Theological Seminary (BTS) was founded in 1972. Two men saw the need for men and women to be trained for full-time Christian service to enrich their personal lives, to increase their knowledge of the things of the Lord and to be better equipped to teach, preach, and witness for the Lord Jesus Christ. These men also saw the need to enable those who felt God’s call to study for Christian work to do so on a part-time basis, if possible to study full-time. Students could have the opportunity to work full-time and also to attend classes in the evening. 
Birmingham Theological Seminary’s Bibb County Correctional Facility Learning Center brings full seminary training to inmates of the Alabama Department of Corrections. The 15 person cohort studies biblical, systematic, historical, and applied theology, training to become ministers, disciplers, counselors, and evangelists to the 13 prisons of the AL DOC. Their partner ministry, Jumpstart AL, is focused on working with men inside the prison and after they come out, breaking the back of recidivism in Alabama with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


During their 49-year history, more than 3,500 students have taken one or more courses and 350 students have been awarded master’s level degrees. BTS has offered courses in various locations around the state of Alabama and in foreign countries such as Uganda, Korea, China, Ukraine, New Zealand, and Australia.