Missionary of the Week – August 1, 2021

Life on Wheels (Montgomery, Alabama) 

Prayer Requests:

– Thank God for Sanctity of Life ministries focused on counseling and evangelizing abortion minded women in cooperation with other Pro-Life ministries in the River Region.

– Pray for the staff to have compassion and wisdom as they counsel women and men considering abortion and for those women who are troubled by their experience with abortion in the past.

– Pray for women who are grieving from abortions to find grace and healing in the Gospel at Trinity Church and other churches who support this ministry.

– Pray for more churches to support women experiencing crisis pregnancies and for more Christian families who will adopt children that cannot be kept by their mothers.

– Pray that each of us would respect the Sanctity of Life in every person regardless of race, age, disability or economic status because each is created in God’s image.


Life on Wheels operates from a mobile ultrasound van to provide free scans and crisis pregnancy counseling to abortion minded women. They work in partnership with fixed site crisis pregnancy centers such as First Choice Women’s Medical Center. Their purpose is to assist pregnant women in making an informed and life-affirming decision for their child, and to assist the pro-life community and churches in promoting the sanctity of human life. They endeavor to help pregnant women by fostering loving relationships and serving as a resource to refer them for ongoing support and care. Dr. Matt Phillips was instrumental in shaping the vision for this ministry and serves as the President of the Board of Directors. Trinity member, Price Bishop, has been part of the ministry since its inception and serves at the Vice President of the Board.