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What does PCA mean?

PCA stands for Presbyterian Church in America. It is the larger Church body with which Trinity Presbyterian Church is affiliated. The PCA was formed in 1973 when a number of more conservative Churches left the Southern Presbyterian Church (PCUS). The PCA is the second largest Presbyterian body in the United States and one of the fastest growing.

What does Presbyterian mean?

Strictly speaking, Presbyterian defines the type of Church government. Presbyterian Churches are governed representatively by a board of Elders elected by the congregation. Presbyterian government is distinguished from Episcopal government (government through Bishops) and Congregational (government by the whole Church membership). But Presbyterian also describes a distinctive tradition within the Christian Church. Originating in Scotland during the Protestant Reformation, the Presbyterian “way” has traditionally been characterized by simple worship, hearty evangelism and mission work, trust in the sovereign goodness of God, and a Christian life rooted in a robust understanding of God’s word.

Why do the Ministers wear robes?

There is nothing in the Bible that requires Ministers to wear robes, but there are a number of good reasons to do so. Special worship dress reminds us that when we worship, we are doing something unique and important. It reminds us that we have come through a veil that separates us from the world outside into the presence of God. It also helps deemphasize the person acting as Minister and emphasize the office he is filling.

What Bible do you use?

Our members use a variety of English translations, but our official Church translation is the English Standard Version (ESV). This is the translation you will find in the pew and the one read during worship services by our Ministers and Staff.

How often do you serve Holy Communion?

We serve Holy Communion every second Sunday morning, every fourth Sunday evening, and on some special occasions (such as Christmas Eve).

Do you have to be a member to take Holy Communion?

Our requirement is that all those who are members in good standing of an Evangelical (i.e., Protestant) branch of the Church are welcome to take Holy Communion.

What are your doctrinal beliefs?

Our Confession of Faith and Catechisms summarize our doctrinal beliefs.  For a shorter summary that describes Trinity Presbyterian Church’s commitments and priorities, click here.