Adult Sunday School

Our Sunday School Ministry is specifically designed to provide a systematic and practical study of God’s Word – relevant and applicable to every age level.

In addition, our caring communities provide a place for fellowship and community – an opportunity to connect, share and pray for one another and for the church. Our Sunday School classes also provide a great way for newcomers to feel a sense of belonging and to be incorporated into the life and ministry of the church. We desire for every member to be connected to a caring community in order to experience true fellowship through relationship-building, prayer, and the caring provided in times of crisis and need. If you need assistance in finding a class to meet your needs, please let us know.

Sunday School meets at 9:45 a.m. in various rooms across the church campus.  There are fifteen adult classes offered for various ages and stages of life.

Barnabas Class
The Barnabas Class is a women’s class, ages 50+, that meets each Sunday morning to discuss various biblical topics.

  • INSTRUCTOR: Daphne Simpkins and Cam Fox
  • WHERE: Room 221
  • CURRENT STUDY:  Varied Scripture

Berean Class
The Berean Class is a ladies class (ages 55+) that welcomes women of all ages and is taught to enable believers to grow and mature in Jesus Christ in character and loving relationships by intently studying the scriptures.

  • INSTRUCTORS: Marty Baas, Guin Nance, Anne Tidmore, Olivia Williams
  • WHERE: Room 102
  • CURRENT STUDY: Ephesians

Bloodworth-Strong Class
The Bloodworth-Strong Class is made up of men and women (ages 60+) who gather each week for in-depth exposition of scripture.

  • INSTRUCTORS: Robert McGowin, Judge Joel Dubina, Tim Howe, Dr. Bill Cook, Dr. Mike Schrier
  • WHERE: Room 101
  • CURRENT STUDY: Hebrews

College and 20s Class
For all college students and young adults.

  • INSTRUCTOR: Blake Smith
  • WHERE: Room 228
  • CURRENT STUDY: Varied Scripture

Cornerstone Class
The Cornerstone Class is a warm and inviting group of couples and singles who gather on Sunday mornings to hear solid Biblical teaching with emphasis on how we apply our faith in our homes, work places, and communities. This class is mainly people (age 40+) with lower, middle and upper school age children. We are eager to grow in our faith and enjoy spending time with each other. Our emphasis is on spiritual growth, maturity, discipleship, encouragement, accountability, and living a joy filled Christian life. 

  • INSTRUCTORS: Bart Harmon, Josh Hall, Doug Robertson, David Stanley, and Ben Wilson
  • WHERE: Room 204
  • CURRENT STUDY: The Chosen

Disciples Class
The Disciples Class includes married couples, most with children in middle school or younger (ages 25+). The class began in 2001 with a core group of three couples and has grown rapidly as newly marrieds and young couples continue to join the Church. This welcoming group has also provided a strong feeling of home to newcomers to both Trinity and Montgomery.

  • INSTRUCTORS: Davis Smith and Hous Waring
  • WHERE: Room 202
  • CURRENT STUDY: Carpe Diem by Os Guiness

Foundations Class
The Foundations Class is for those in their mid 30’s and 40’s. This self-taught class is focused on learning and applying God’s Word within the family unit during these modern times. 

  • LEADERS: Luke and Rachel Hall
  • WHERE: Room 201
  • CURRENT STUDY: Varied Scripture

Gathering of the Saints
The Gathering of the Saints is a men’s class (ages 65+) that meets each week for fellowship and solid teaching.

  • INSTRUCTOR: Jason Button
  • WHERE: John Knox Conference Room
  • CURRENT STUDY: Hebrews

Living Waters Class
This is a welcoming, new class of varied ages.

  • INSTRUCTOR: Tommy Bopp, Kevin Goodner
  • WHERE: Room 227
  • CURRENT STUDY: Hebrews

New Mercies Class
The New Mercies Class formed in 2008 for young, recently married couples.  Though we are a young class, we have quickly formed into a group that is excited about growing together and getting to know one another.  Many of our biblical and topical studies involve building and growing Godly marriages.

  • INSTRUCTOR: Jim Rives
  • WHERE: Room 226
  • CURRENT STUDY: “Staying Connected in Your Marriage”

Seekers Class
The primary goal of the Seekers Class is to answer the question, “How can we best represent Christ before the watching and unbelieving world?” Using scripture and other appropriate books, the Seekers try not only to learn the truth but also how to apply that truth in a way that is both consistent and winsome, all to the glory of God.  In addition to class time together, the class meets several times a year to share a common meal and enjoy one another’s company.  Coed class of ages 55+.

  • INSTRUCTORS: Deb Freeman and Dr. Frank Young, III
  • WHERE: Room 103
  • CURRENT STUDY: II Thessalonians

Stakely Class
The Stakely Class is comprised of married couples, ages 50 and up, who gather each Sunday to fellowship and study books of the Bible.

  • INSTRUCTORS: Fred Johnson and Joe Street
  • WHERE: Room 203
  • CURRENT STUDY: Varied Scripture

Steve Fox Class
The Men’s Growth Class is a small discussion oriented group of 20 to 25 men, ages 65+, that studies the Bible with emphasis on spiritual growth and application in all areas of life.

  • INSTRUCTOR: Elders of the class
  • WHERE: Room 222
  • CURRENT STUDY: Various Scriptures

Sufficient Grace
A new Sunday School class that is designed to serve adults with special needs. Each week, we will explore the person of Jesus by using a curriculum specially designed for a wide spectrum of learning types.  

  • INSTRUCTOR: Emily Blades
  • WHERE: Contact the Church Office (334-262-3892) for more information. 
  • CURRENT STUDY: Bethesda Curriculum

21st Century Pilgrims Class
Jesus’ message is timeless. We seek to explore how the message of the gospel influenced past generations and still provides mankind with not only the means of salvation but an orderly pattern for daily living. This class is coed ages 30+.

  • INSTRUCTOR: Will Sellers
  • WHERE: Room 223
  • CURRENT STUDY: Tim Keller Sermons