weSing with Adam Wright

Adam Wright’s life-long pursuit has been setting scripture to music, creating a resource to help God’s people engage and treasure the Bible more deeply. Adam began writing songs in 2013 as Music Minister for Cahaba Park Church in Birmingham, Alabama. Eight years later, he has written and recorded nearly forty songs straight from the pages of Scripture under the moniker, “The Corner Room.” A singer-songwriter at heart, Adam enjoys arranging each passage into an accessible and singable work that makes memorization and meditation a joy. “These songs are a treasure to me,” says Wright. “They have not only impacted my family, my church, and my community, but have made a lasting impact on my own personal love and understanding of Scripture.” His newest project, Remember and Proclaim, is a collection of Scripture songs designed to help us know and sing truth to ourselves and to each other.

For more information, please visit cornerroommusic.com


Mar 06 2022


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Trinity Presbyterian Church
1728 S. Hull Street, Montgomery, Alabama 36104