Childcare Ministry – Birth through Age 2

The nursery is the first experience many children have at Trinity Presbyterian Church. Our nursery is a loving environment where children are cared for in age-appropriate environments with a caring, Christian staff and activities that reinforce biblical stories and beliefs.

Childcare for babies birth–2 years is available on Sundays during all morning and evening worship services, Sunday School, and on Wednesdays during our Midweek services. No advance reservations required.

Preschool childcare is available with advance reservations (48-hour minimum) during the week for Women’s Ministry meetings, Circles, Bible studies or other Trinity sponsored and approved events. For advance reservations call 334.262.3892, ext. 161 or email us at

Using TPC childcare is complimentary for church members and non-members, but parents must be participating in approved TPC programs.


We have a security system in place for our nursery to protect all children under our care. Prior to employment all nursery workers have submitted to a screening by the Department of Human Resources and the Alabama Bureau of Investigation. We employ a two-adult rule for all nursery and children’s classes so that there are at least two adults in each classroom. In addition, we have an interior security camera system.

All items belonging to children should be properly labeled. Children must be signed into and out of the nursery. This information will allow us to find the parents if there is an emergency, as well as to convey important instructions to the nursery workers.

For the safety of your child, the childcare providers cannot be responsible for special instructions unless they are in writing and hand delivered to the Nursery Supervisor or the Director of Children’s Ministries.

Well Child Policy

Since we all want the healthiest environment possible for your child, we make many efforts to keep the nursery clean and germ free. All smocks, sheets and blankets are washed after each use. Toys are disinfected daily and many times on Sundays. Counters, floors, and tables are scrubbed regularly. Carpets are vacuumed daily and shampooed on a regular basis. Workers are trained to wash their hands continually to aid in preventing the spreading of germs. Parents also have a role to play in keeping our nursery a healthy place to bring your child. If your child is not well, please refrain from bringing him/her to the nursery. A well child has:

  • No fever over 99.6° currently or for the last 24 hours
  • No vomiting or diarrhea currently or for the last 24 hours
  • No runny nose from onset through one week
  • No cough
  • No unexplained rashes
  • No skin infections (impetigo, boils, ringworm)
  • No eye infections such as pink eye
  • No childhood diseases such as chicken pox, mumps, measles, rubella, pertussis, scarlet fever, hand/foot/mouth disease

If your child currently has any of the above symptoms, we will not be able to accept him/her into the nursery. If a child develops any of the above symptoms while in our care, we will ask you to pick up your child.