Singing the faith is vital to the spiritual development of our children.

Wednesday evenings from 6:30-7:15 p.m. during Midweek

The children’s choirs at Trinity offer a unique combination of musical training and discipleship to children four years of age through the sixth grade. Our children grow in their faith as they memorize deep spiritual truths through the songs that they sing. These songs develop their theology and help them to grow in their understanding of God and how He desires to be worshiped: “with heart and life and voice.”

Our curriculum, Voice for Life, was developed by the Royal School of Church Music and teaches the essential skills that children need for lifelong participation in and appreciation for the music of worship. We are particularly enthusiastic about a change to this year’s choir structure. The previous “Covenant Choir” (including 4th through 6th grade children) will be divided into two new choirs: the “Trinity Boys Choir” and the “Trinity Girls Choir.” The goal in creating these new choirs is to foster a greater interest, participation, camaraderie and focus within each ensemble.

The Children’s Choirs meet for rehearsal on Wednesday evenings during our Midweek service. After dinner with their families at 5:00, children are dismissed at 5:45 for a mix of activities, which include choir, while their parents choose from a selection of Bible Studies and small groups. For more information on Midweek, please click here.