Life is a journey.  God gave us parents to help us navigate through life’s journey and become the people that God intended us to be.  But being a parent is its own unique journey, and we need God’s help to be the parents that our children need, and that God wants us to be.  We need a GPS, a Guided Parenting System.

Our GPS at Trinity has been designed to equip parents with the vision and resources they need to be the parents God has called them to be.  Four classes lead parents through the four different stage of parenting:


  • Parenting From the Tree of Life – Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo
  • Life in the Middle Years – Gary and Anne Mari Ezzo

Baby Steps: The Early Years – (Ages 0-5)

Baby Steps: The Early Years seeks to lay the foundation for parenting by teaching parents to protect, provide, pray for, and prepare their children for life.  This class teaches the critical components of character training and the principles for raising children who are kind, courteous, respectful, cooperative, confident, and well mannered.  It also lays the building blocks for corrective training.

Learning the Ropes: The Elementary Years (Ages 5-12)

Learning the Ropes seeks to expand on the foundation of Baby Steps: The Early Years by teaching parents how to teach, train, and discipline children during the Middle Ages of childhood.

License to Thrive: The Teen Years (Ages 12-18)

License to Thrive: The Teen Years seeks to equip parents for the many changes and challenges of parenting through adolescence.  This class teaches how parents can lead their children to the responsibilities of adulthood through this time of transition.

On Their Own: The Empty Nest Years (Ages 18+)

On Their Own – The Empty Nest Years seeks to teach parents how to transition from parent to mentor, friend, and peer as children get older and relationship dynamics change.