RYM - High School Florida

RYM High School Florida
July 12-17, 2021
Panama City Beach, FL
$475/per student

Open to students 9th-12th Grade
Registration Deadline: Extended
Refund Deadline: June 1, 2021

Waiver: RYM High School Florida
This form must be filled out and returned to Kurt Cooper or Shannon Conner before leaving for RYM.

If you have any questions, please contact Shannon Conner at sconner@trinitypca.org or 334-262-3892.

Frequently Asked Questions and Additional Information:

1. Is there financial assistance available? Yes, don’t let money stop you from coming! Please click here to apply for scholarship assistance. Scholarship assistance is open to members and non-members of Trinity.

2. Can my student invite a friend? Yes, absolutely!

3. What activities are offered at RYM High School? Swimming (multiple pools & open ocean), Gaga Ball, Spike Ball, Basketball, Volleyball, Ping Pong, Kan Jam, Sand Soccer, Card Games, Paddle Boarding/Kayaking. Some activities have an additional fee, please click here for more information.

4. When can I register for elective classes? Registration for elective classes will begin online on the RYM website on June 12, 2021.

5. Is there a packing list available? Yes! Please click here to view the packing list.

Registration for RYM High School is now closed.