“Here, O my Lord, I See Thee Face to Face”

We believe that Holy Communion is a sacrament of the Lord Jesus Christ wherein, by giving and receiving bread and wine, according to Christ’s appointment, believers feed upon His body and blood for their Spiritual nourishment, for growth in grace, and to nourish their union with Christ.

At Trinity we celebrate Holy Communion at least twice per month: every second Sunday morning, every fourth Sunday evening, and at other special services throughout the year.

For most Communion services, the elements are served to worshippers in their pews.  Occasionally worshippers come forward to receive Communion from the Ministers and Elders.  The elements used in Communion are bread and (unfermented) fruit of the vine.

Holy Communion signifies our abiding faith and communion in Jesus Christ and is given to His whole Church.  Therefore, we are happy to invite all believers in good standing with an evangelical branch of Christ’s Church (i.e., protestant) to receive Communion here at Trinity.  If you are abiding in unrepentant sin and are unwilling to leave this sin for Christ, we ask that you not take Communion until you have spoken with one of our Ministers.