The question for the Christian is NOT, “Lord, what will Thou have OTHERS to do?” and it is not, “Lord what will OTHERS have me to do?” The only question is: “Lord, what will THOU have me to do?” – Trinity Presbyterian Church Bulletin cover for the first World Missions Conference, 1973

Where Will We Focus Our Efforts?


Unreached People Groups (UPG)

Experts estimate that there are between 6,000 and 10,000 unreached people groups in the world. There are ethnolinguistic people groups that have less than 2% saturation of the gospel, churches, Bibles, and Christians. Over 40% of the world is living in an UPG.



Over 85% of professions of faith in Jesus Christ are made before the age of 14. Ministries that focus on evangelism and discipleship of children are a strategically fertile field worthy of our focused attention.



Taking the gospel beyond the walls of Trinity Church – outside our own front door



Sharing the gospel and serving those in need through medical missions – opening doors which might otherwise be closed.